VBP Sanitizing

Virus Block and Protect

Protect yourself from COVID19

VBP Sanitizing eliminates 99.99% of virus, bacteria, and germs. Non-toxic and lab-proven, we guarantee your safety and health.

UV light Sterlization of high touch objects

Hospital-grade and food safe

Health Canada and Public Health Ontario guided Prodedure

Deep cleaning with Phytoncide fogging

Simply Water

Tested to remove 99% of viruses, bacteria and odours! ​FDA Approved Sanitizing Power! Alkaline Anion Disinfectant Sanitizer Spray! Eliminates viruses without the use of harsh chemicals.

What is Akaline Water?

When water is electrolyzed with an anode and cathode, alkaline water is formed in the cathode. Alkaline water formed in the cathode contains many anions. Alkaline water's main functions are disinfecting and cleansing. When akaline water encounters other substances, it pulls the cations, and their repulsive force pushes away the debris on the surface, resulting in a cleansing effect. Also, the charged anions destroy the nucleus of the germs, which then lose their power and are considered to be disinfected.

How it works - Simple as 1, 2, 3

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